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Here are successful debug capture on all of our SmartNode interfaces to SIP on SmartWare, Trinity and SmartMedia.  1.  FXS TO SIP (TRINITY AND SMARTWARE) Trinity - FXS to SIP Debug Log [
Trinity OS makes the TDR functionality provided by the SHDSL chipset used in many Patton Electronics devices available for use. TDR can be used for SELT tests to determine cable properties such as length, type, opens, shorts, and bridge taps. See the Trin...
With the following configuration snippet the SmartNode will wait 12 seconds* and change the called party number if nothing was dialed. First the call has to be routed to the RT_HOTLINE table. There the timeout will wait  by default 12 seconds and route t...
The following Cellular Modems have been tested and drivers added to the Trinity Operating System:
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